Last January, I needed to have a copy of my birth certificate that’s issued by National Statistics Office (NSO). Good thing that requests such as this can now be done online in few easy steps! Several options are available like filing out of online form, via chat, or calling a hotline. NSO’s website comprehensively describes each option.

As for me, I decided to just call the hotline because it’s my first time and I may have some verification along the way.

So, here goes (as per personal experience):

Step 1: Call the hotline. Now, it’s (02)-737-1111
An agent will get all the details needed to be able to process your request. It is advisable that you know the pertinent details, which pretty much are also found in your birth certificate so you may want to have even just a photocopy of your birth certificate while on the call. After that, the agent will provide you with a reference number. Do not lose this number since you’ll need it later.

Aside from your birth details, you will also be asked for your mailing address. If you’re like me who have problems with no one to receive it at home, you may opt to have it picked up in a branch nearest you. As per time of request, they deliver via Air 21. The agent was kind enough to find the branch most convenient for me.

Lastly, the agent will advise you of the total amount you should pay. Again, as per time of request, I was charged Php350.00, with a delivery address in Metro Manila.

Step 2: Make Payment
Again, there are different options for this such as credit card, Bayad Center, Bancnet ATM, etc. Choose which is most convenient for you. As for me, I just paid using my credit card via this site. Just enter the reference number given to you in Step 1, and follow the succeeding instructions.

Step 3: Wait for the Delivery
You will receive several text messages on the status of your request. So just sit back and relax. In my case, I requested on a Monday and I was able to pick up my document on a Wednesday.

And you’re done.

Easy, quick, convenient but it may be more expensive. I believe charge is cheaper if you personally go to NSO. However, you would have to commute so additional budget on fare, and since NSO is far from your place of residence, you may get hungry and would buy food, plus this, plus that…you get the drift? Hehe.

I just have a concern which I still don’t know the answer until now (haven’t had time to research). I think the copy that NSO has of my birth certificate is so old that the clearest scanned copy is not really clear. There are some data that are not even readable anymore. Can they release another official copy with much clearer details? I hope so.