purpose“Write or type a clear and concise essay of not more than 300 words stating your purpose in applying to the Master of Technology Management Program and your plans for graduate study. If admitted, include your specific areas of interest, and assessment of your academic, mental, and emotional preparedness for graduate study, and your future prospects.”

After reading this for the first time, I just stared at it because my mind went blank LOL. I don’t know how to answer it. Should the answer be technical in nature? Are semi-flowery words accepted? Will I exceed the 300 words or will I just have one-liners? I don’t know. After several attempts at starting and deleting and staring my essay all over again, I’ve come up with this:

The purpose of my application to the MTM program is to have a formal means of gaining a broader understanding of the appropriate and efficient management of technology that is beneficial to both the company and the community. It is my hope that through this study, I would be able to make accurate decisions, devise strategies that are suitable for each technological challenge, and formulate programs that take advantage of technology but without compromising other areas as well.

Specifically, I am interested in topics where it tackles strategies for technology planning, financial aspect of technology management, how to maximize technology in entrepreneurship, legal issues in technology, and to have an understanding of the different components of technology and how to manage these individual components and the whole system as a whole.

Even though this is one of my goals early on, I didn’t rush to pursue higher studies right away. I first had to ensure that I am not in a crossroad in my career. I had to be sure that my purpose is not to just have a master’s degree but to have one that will help me become better in my chosen field. With these, and with the way I handled my undergraduate studies, I believe I am ready to pursue graduate studies.

So there you go. I tried to write from the heart and not just from what I think will impress the screening committee. I hope this will help convince them even just a bit LOL!