Early this evening, I received a text from my sister’s phone but the one texting did not sound like my sister. True enough, it was not her but my 8 year old niece.

She was texting because she learned I’m not going home this Christmas. However, she has no idea I’m going home for New Year. Anyway, here’s our exchange of texts.

** Tita – Filipino word for aunt

V: Apay ngay haan ka nga umay agsine tayo kuma. Adda ti selfon ko (Why are you not coming home so that we could watch a movie? I have a cellphone)

V: Tita shak ti agtetext kneka velmari daytoy (Tita, I’m the one texting you. This is Velmarie)

Me: Apay nga ada selfon mo? Ubing ka pay. Awan met mayat nga mabuya. Apay ada? (Why do you have a cellphone? You’re still young. I don’t know of any interesting movie to watch. Is there?)

Me: Wen ngarud. Apay ammo mon nga agtxt? Anya ngay ti mabuya dita? (Ok then. Do you know how to text? What are the movies currently being shown there?-we live in different cities)

V: Panday two wen tita ammok tita (Panday Two. Yes tita, I know tita)

Me: Kayat mo diyay? Madik met haha (You want that movie? I don’t like it hehe)

V: Wen tita kayat ko tita (Yes tita, I like it tita)

Me: Nu ngay han nga mabalin ti ubing idiay? (What if they don’t allow children in the cinema?)

V: Oray no tita aglemengak tita (Even if tita. I’ll take cover-so that they won’t see her :p)

Me: Handaka paunegen. Makita ka latta hehe. (They won’t allow you inside. They would still see you hehe)

V: Apay ngay idi panday one inmunegak (Why did they allow me to enter during Panday One?)

Me: Apay nagbuya ka idi ti Panday 1? (Did you watch Panday 1?)

V: Wen tita ostun pay ti text tita. Agbuya ak pay ti news tita ta agpasaklot ni Joyce keni mami nga taba awan mangsuro kenyak (Yes tita. Enough text for now tita. I’m going to watch the news tita. Joyce (her little sister) wants to be carried by fat mommy (referring to her mom LOL). No one will teach me now)

Me: Agdamag ka latta ah keni mamim no ada han mo maawatan hehe (Still ask your mom if there are things you don’t understand hehe)

Me: Ay bakasyon yun gayam? (Is it your vacation already?)

V: Agsobli ak no January 3 tita (I’m going back (to school) in January 3 tita)

Me: Ngem tatta awanen eskwela yu? Anya naalam nga exchange gift? (But now, you don’t have classes anymore? What did you get during your exchange gift?)

V: Awanen tita, tinapay lang met, basta a agawid ka ta apan tayo agsine (No more tita, just bread tita. Promise me you come home so that we could watch a movie)

Me: Nu ngay hanak agawid? (What if I don’t go home?)

V: Apay ngay adi pay awan ti sine tita agananserak ti hanap salita amukon a tita. (Why so? So no movie for us? Tita I’m answering Hanap Salita (Word Finder). I already know how tita)

Me: Lalaingem nga aghanap salita a. Dpat perfect ken awan cheating (Do good in searching the words ok? It should be perfect and no cheating)

V: Tita napanak nakisimbang gabi ngay ket mayat adu gayam ti silaw jay baguio (Tita I went to Simbang Gabi and it’s beautiful. There are lots of lights in Baguio (downtown))

Me: Nagluganan yu idi apan kayo nakimisa? Apan kayo manen nu bigat? Sino kadwam? (Who did you ride with when you went to mass? Are you going again tomorrow? Who are you with?)

V: Ni dadik ken ni adding Joyce ken ni mami wen nagjip kami nasapa kami (My dad, my sister Joyce and my mom. Yes we rode the jeep. We went early)

V: Good night tita maturugakon kadwak ni ading Joyce (Good night tita. I’m going to sleep now with my sister Joyce)

Me: Han ka met lang naturog idiay simbaan? (Did you not sleep while you were in church?)

V: Haan tita (No tita)

Me: Goodnight Velmarie and Joyce. Mwah!
It’s always fun and entertaining talking to kids. J

*Credits to image owner.*