I was with my nieces aged 8 and 14 when we went to Quezon Province. Being single my entire life and as it was my first time to bring with me my family in an outing with friends (where there are no other family members to take care of them), I was clueless and wasn’t ready :p.

  • Be ready to carry even the kid who can already walk. My 8 year old niece is used to walking because she lives in Baguio and walking is normal for her. I just didn’t foresee that I need to carry her when we went to the river because she didn’t want her feet to get wet on the way back. The water is cold. So I had to carry her on parts that we need to walk in the water. And since that’s a river, I had to carry her for the most part. *Tiring* 
  • Be ready with food. I’m not used to eating snacks unless I’m so hungry so I did not have any snacks with me. I did not foresee my little niece to go hungry on the way to Kwebang Lampas because we had breakfast earlier. After the boat ride, two minutes after we stared walking, she told me she was hungry. I told her to wait a little because we were already near the beach (even though I know that we are not really near yet :p) and we don’t have food with us because some of the guys volunteered to carry it for us so they are nowhere to be seen and we don’t know who had it. And yes, the food I’m referring to is my friend’s which she graciously shared hihihi. Anyway, good thing that my niece was discrete enough and did not show her tantrums to everyone. But I was crossing my fingers that she won’t ask me to carry her again because she’s too weak to walk hahaha. So there, lesson learned. I should be ready with food anytime when I’m with kids.