After our Quezon trip where I brought my nieces with me, I showed her our pictures that were already uploaded in FB. While viewing, she had some comments that really cracked us all up. I placed all her comments in FB as well and my friends and I all had a good laugh. Here are those pictures:

V: Apay ag-ung-ungetak (Why was I angry)?
Me (In a teasing tone): Makabis-bisinak! Makabis-bisinak
(I’m hungry! I’m hungry!)
* This was where she told me that she was hungry but we had no food at hand hihi. Good thing she was shy so we were just whispering when this episode happened-her almost crying because of hunger and me, trying to pacify her hahaha.

V: Nagkatawa akon ta mangmanganak. (I’m already laughing because I’m eating.)
* She really was hungry! Hahaha!