Btw, here are some facts I got from the brochures. Kota Kinabalu (formerly called Jesselton) is the capital of Sabah state in Malaysia. The mountain we just climbed is called Mt. Kinabalu (not Mt. Kota Kinabalu). There are also still a lot of places to visit in Sabah. Most are showcases of their natural resources. Hopefully, I can go back and explore these other places :).

Airfare – Php 3,445.00 (booked last Nov. 2010 during an Air Asia seat sale)
Climb Permit – Php 15,350.72 (booked last January 2011)
Other expenses – Php 4,000 (estimated – inclusive of accommodations, food, airport fees, miscellaneous expenses)
Here was my Facebook status after the climb:
Was able to summit Mt. Kota Kinabalu (4,095.2A MASL, jump-off starts at 1,800 MASL) after 48 years whew! Pero haggardness to the highest level!!! I love you rocks and boulders, you were easier to navigate. I ‘m sorry wooden stairs, I don’t like you that much because you are a stress to my knees but thank you still for making the paths easier to walk on :).
I almost gave up at KM 4 when I learned that the staff house can also be used by climbers who can’t go any further LOL. But thinking that this was supposed to be my birthday climb, I had to finish it, whether I like it or not. So next time you decide on something to do for your birthday, make sure it’s something that won’t make you very haggard and exhausted tee hee.
While pushing and puffing and having the hardest time of my life, I decided to stop climbing for a while hahaha. Quota na sa Kota.
Anyway, terima kasih (Thank you) Sabah for an awesome experience.
Terima Kasih Father God for another opportunity to travel and witness Your wonderful creation. I am forever grateful.
And now my friends, I leave you with the different trails you’ll expect when climbing Mt. Kinabalu.
 Easier paths shaded with trees 🙂
 Gosh, the dreaded steps. Basag tuhod talaga. Wasn’t able to take a picture of the wooden stairs going up the summit. Those were more dreadful to me ahihi.
The boulders which I love! Hihihi. See that rope? It’s your lifeline so you should hold on to it if you want to hold on to dear life. One time I was not holding the rope on the way up, our guide insisted I hold on to it. Well, he wasn’t holding so I just wanted to experience walking on those boulders without holding on to anything hihihi.
At this time of posting, will I be going back again? YES! 😀 (Adik?!) But the next time I do it, I’ll make sure that my feet and lungs and mind and everything of me are up to it so that I won’t take that long to climb hihihi.