*This post is picture heavy*

While waiting for the van to pick us up, we met a couple from London (Fri and Heloise) which we learned later on that they are also our group mates for the climb. We had to travel around 1.5- 2 hours to where we will be meeting with our guide. The place is already at 1,600 MASL. After they (agency via tour guide) settled our registration and permits, we proceeded to the Timpohon Gate where the jump-off is. This is already at 1,800 MASL, where the 6 KM journey to Laban Rata (accommodations in the mountains!) begins. According to information, Mt. Kinabalu has one of the easiest trails. I must agree because the trails are well established. There are rest areas with rest rooms for every kilometer. But no matter how established it was, I really had a hard time uggh! I was able to reach Laban Rata after 9 long hours. We started the trek at around 8:30 AM, I reached Laban at around 5:30 PM. My friends went ahead of me. Good thing the food is ready so I just took a quick dinner, took a bath and hit the bed at 7 PM for a much needed rest.
@ the registration area. bought a walking stick for RM8. I’m glad I did!
the gang @ the Timpohon gate jump-off.

@KM 1. The one at the rightmost is our guide. I was still keeping up with the rest at this point.  5 freakin’ KMs to go!!!
@ KM 4. Had lunch. Eggs anyone? The staff house is also here. I wanted to quit and just stay at the staff house at this point :p
 @KM 5. 1KM to go!!!But it was the most challenging 1KM. It rained right after we passed this area. It took me more than an hour to finish the last KM.I got so hungry I had to really stop and eat. Good thing I still had something left from lunch hihi.
Finally @ Laban Rata Lodge-wet, exhausted, and hungry! Excuse the pic.