I’m not much into astrology but since it’s Chinese New Year, I was equally curious on what the year of the Rabbit is for me. So here goes, quoting from several sites.
The Goat astrological predictions in 2011 rabbit year indicate brighter prospects for the Goat in the Year of the Rabbit. The 2011 Goat horoscope predictions tell us that the 2011 metal rabbit year will be much positive period for those with the Chinese Goat zodiac sign. The fortune for the Goat will greatly improve in the rabbit year 2011 as the Goat will have a much improved feng shui in 2011. The wealth, career and health stars of the Goat will be shining much brighter and bring many pleasing developments in 2011 for the Goat.

The Goat must make the most of the opportunities that are coming their way in this metal rabbit year. The 2011 career star looks very promising for the Goat in the rabbit year. The Goat will benefit a great deal from the support and goodwill of others and a good tip in 2011 for a positive outlook for the Goat is that it would be worth discussing their options with those who are able to advise them. The relationship star for the Goat will be good as it will allow them to widen their social circle and make some good friends. The Goat will have some the busiest social activities during the months of February, April, July and September. Positive developments in the career of the Goat can be seen during the months of March, May, October and November. The 2011 Chinese Goat astrology predictions indicate that as long as the Goat take the initiative in the rabbit year, they will receive many rewards in 2011.
The 1919 Earth Goat or 1979 Earth Goat will have some important developments in some parts of their lives. The Goat 2011 Chinese astrology forecasts an addition to the family or they will become parents in the rabbit year. The Earth Goat will also have some urge to do some renovations to their house. Where relationships are concerned, February, April, July and September will give the Earth Goat some interesting social activities. The 2011 horoscope readings for the Earth Goat predict major success for those whose work is in any way expressive. There will be some rise in income due to promotions at work. The Earth Goat must not miss out on chances to develop their skills in the Year of the Rabbit.
I didn’t know as well that Chinese astrology has an equivalent Western astrology. According to this article, sheep or goat in the Chinese zodiac is to Cancer in the Western zodiac. So, does that mean to say that I can also look up on the Cancer zodiac?
According to this other article, Rabbit year rings cash register. Hopefully! 😀 For Aries specifically,
Calm is restored to you in the Year of 2011. The winds of fortune blow on your sails again. Home life is settled and finances are stabilized.

Well, let’s see how the wind blows this year for me :). In any case, bring it on 2011!

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