I often bloghop and I use Google Reader to keep track of all the blogs I read. One blog that I am most fascinated with is Farmama.

The blog is very personal and she writes about their day to day life in their farm. It’s amazing how she manages to create all those stuff for her family. When I was in High School, it has always been my problem to create a decent project for our Home Economics class :p. But seeing her do all those amazing stuff inspired me to at least try creating things on my own as well. Let’s see about that. I’ll start with altering my own clothes first. 😀

Also, for someone who grew up in the mountains and helped her parents tended a small garden, I have always been curious as to how other countries do it – from planting to harvesting to marketing. Reading her blog at least satisfies that curiosity.

It never fails to make me smile everytime I read her posts.