Ok, I’ve finally settled with a new blog name/URL. From now on, this blog shall be called Sayote Kingdom.

I grew up in a place where the people’s main source of income, including my family, is growing and harvesting sayote. I even think that our place (and another barangay near us) are the main suppliers of sayote in the city market. I still vividly remember that in my younger years, almost all land parcels, from each one’s backyard to the mountains are planted with sayote so when someone steps into our place, he would feel that he’s in Sayote Kingdom.
Although people from our place already tried venturing into other vegetables, it’s still the sayote that’s closest to my heart so I want that reflected in my blog. Also, this still remains a personal blog of anything and everything under the sun :p.
Together with the name change is of course a new template. 🙂