Sakit ng ulo ko to the highest level. May gusto akong pag-umpugin ang mga ulo sa totoo lang. Pero syempre kailangan kalma pa rin. Pero dahil frustrated ako kanina, di ko na napigilan ang sarili kong magpakita ng frustration. Sakit sa ulo talaga.
But seriously, I don’t anymore know how to handle it. In my personal opinion, their conflict is not just because of work. It is already something on a personal level which no one but them can resolve. That they are just using work issues to get back at each other. I don’t even know the right things to say because I don’t understand where it’s all coming from. To me, it takes two to tanggo so I’m taking both of them accountable for tonight’s episode. I hope they will be able to settle things SOON!
And can I say this again. Ang sakit ng ulo ko ng bonggang-bongga. Grr!