This is my Christmas gift to myself :p.

Since I am height-challenged, I need to have my clothes altered. When I was living in Quezon City, I just bring my clothes to a tailoring shop nearby and the seamstress does it for me for a cheap price. However, when I transferred to Pasig, I can’t find any tailoring shop nearby. The only option I have are the ones in the malls but they charge too high (the charge for one shirt can already buy a new shirt…insane right?) and you have to wait for at least a week before they’re done.
And so I decided to just buy a sewing machine for myself. Anyway, the alterations I require are just to adjust the length of some clothes I buy. I tried with one blouse today and it was a success. I’m just oh so slow hahaha. Maybe I’ll sew faster once I get the hang of it.
I bought the machine in SM Makati the weekend before Christmas for Php 3,669.75. The salesman said it was on sale as the original price is around Php 7,000.00. Not bad. Also, the parts are replaceable. The brand is JML. I’ll see if I can create other things besides alteration. :p