I forgot all about Air Asia’s free seats promo from Nov. 9-Nov. 14 because the first time I tried it, I was getting an error and was unsuccessful in my first 2 attempts. I decided to just drop it. This morning while I was checking my email, I saw the email notification so I tried to do a mock booking and fortunately was able to find a favorable schedule for next year. I was able to book the following:

Aug. 13, 2011: Clark to KL, Malaysia (one way)
Damage: Php 2680.00 for 2 pax, inclusive of baggage and convenience fee. Base fare is Php 790.00 per pax.

Aug. 16, 2011: KL, Malaysia to SG (one way)
Damage: MYR 122.00 (around Php 1770.00) for 2 pax, inclusive of airport tax, baggage and convenience fee. Base fare is MYR 0! 🙂

I still have to look for good deals for our fare from SG back to PH. I hope I’ll be lucky as well. 🙂

Ok, next question. Where to stay on those places? Research…research…research.

Btw, here’s the catch. I’m not even sure about what will happen by next year. My friend and I just booked and are now crossing our fingers that our schedules by then will still be able to accommodate this adventure! 🙂