Had a great weekend with high school friends.
Last Saturday, Glo and I braved the strong rains and visited Rockwell Powerplant simply to check out the mall itself and the Rockwell Mooonlit Bazaar which was scheduled that weekend. Rockwell happens to be our (me and my officemates) favorite hangout in my first job since it was just near the office. Walking to the mall at night after office hours was our way of de-stressing during those days. And the last time I was there was in 2006 simply because Glorietta, which was our first option, was bombed.
Upon arriving at the mall, we were first asked to place our umbrellas in plastic which the mall provided. That was cool for me since I was able to put the umbrella back in my bag hehe. Just hoping that the plastic is biodegradable.
Anyway, we first checked out the different shops. We were amazed with the Tempur products displayed in one floor and we excitedly planned to give Tempur pillows as Christmas gifts. But our hearts were crashed when we learned of the price haha. Just to give you an idea, one regular-sized pillow costs more than 7K so…dig that. But the quality I think is good hence the price. If I have much money to splurge in the future, I’ll buy some items from them. 🙂
And oh, there’s a Royce shop in the mall! A friend gifted me with these chocolates a few weeks ago when she came home from her trip in Japan and I super liked it so it was heaven when I saw the shop hihi. I was so ready to buy even though it was expensive but did not have enough time so maybe next time. It wasn’t meant to be :).