It was a pay day weekend so most malls are on sale. My other friend Des, was also planning to go to Megamall on Sunday to check out the sale so we agreed to just meet there. I also messaged Glo to join us. Good thing she was available as well. This time, I didn’t have anything on my list. I just wanted to check out how things were hehe.
However, it was one of the mall trips I didn’t enjoy much because of the traffic and there were a LOT of people. Unbelievable. It seems that even those from provinces came to check out the sale as well. Glo and I arrived first but we decided to just go to Shang and just meet Des there because the crowd is giving us a headache already. However, Des wasn’t able to buy something at Shang so we went back to Megamall, praying that people have thinned out by then. Fortunately, the crowd was more bearable this time. But then Des wasn’t lucky enough and wasn’t able to buy anything still. We just proceeded to dinner and they went home after. I don’t want to wait in line for taxi for long so I just watched a movie first. Good decision. After the movie, I was able to ride a cab without enduring the long line.
Thank God for friends and weekends. 🙂