Airfare: Php 2,292.64
Rebooking fee: Php 939.68 (I had to change flights since I did not push through with Kanlaon)

Day 1-3: Php 3,682.00 (includes fare, meals, tip, terminal fees, souvenirs etc. from the time I left the apartment until the time I was back)

Accommodation: Php 1,600.00 (2 nights)

Total: Php 8,514.32

This is not a tipid trip especially that I had no one to share common expenses with and I rode taxis most of the time hehehe. But I guess it would still be more expensive if I stayed overnight in Mambukal, which I decided against since I’m sure it’s better to have companions there when staying overnight or more. 🙂

Some thoughts:

  • This time, I decided not to ask my friends to accompany me because I would really like to know how it feels to roam around alone. And I want to do it in a place where I am at peace because I know there are friends nearby hehehe
  • This is also an opportunity for me to know myself better and practice talking to strangers because I’m sure I would need to ask for directions or anything often. You see, I don’t research much on places before I actually go there so…I really have no idea at times
  • Bacolod City is thriving in business. I have seen 2 (or was that 3?) familiar call center companies there. It’s great that these companies decided to do business outside of the metros. It gives a boost to local economy.
  • Bacolod is a sugarcane plantation area. It’s sad however that some of these plantations are now being converted to subdivisions and business district. I am all for progress and development but I would prefer a diversified one. Hopefully, not all the plantation areas will be replaced with tall buildings. It’s still nice to see green around.
  • The Silay International Airport is built just a few years ago to replace the old one. They say that this is one of the best airports as it meets international standards. Long runway, located in a non-residential area, and seeing greens all around (IMO) to name a few.

Thank you Bacolod! I shall see you again. 🙂

Thank you Father God. I am forever grateful.

P.S. I’ll try to upload pictures if I’m lucky to still have them.