There was nothing left for me to do the next day other than pack, have my breakfast and leave for the airport in time for my 10:25 AM flight. They have shuttle services to the airport all over the place and I requested for one the night before to pick me up (rate is Php 150.00 per person). They were late for about 30 minutes though because the people from the other hotels were late. Hay. Filipino time :p. Anyway, thank God we still arrived on time.
When we were boarding the plane, the Cebu Pacific staff provided umbrella for the long walk from the waiting area to the aircraft as it was unusually hot that time hehhe. They hand it to you already opened and you hand it back for them to close it. I felt like an important person during this time. How about holding the umbrella for us next time, Cebu Pacific? Wahahaha! Uma-attitude bigla? Hahaha.
Back in Manila and ready to be out of the airport by 12:30 PM. Fides’ sister and her bf were also visiting that weekend and on Saturday night during dinner, they told me that they can drop me off to anywhere near my place from the airport. I was touched when they looked for me at the airport (we had the same flight) and waited while I was waiting for my luggage . I thought we were just sharing a cab but they parked their car at the airport when they left Manila. I was saved from airport taxi hehehe. We decided to just have lunch before heading home. We were looking for any place as long as it has parking and guess where we ended up? Bacolod Chicken Inasal in QC hehehe. Can’t get enough of the delicacy. :p