After The Ruins, I asked Manong taxi driver to bring me to the Negros Museum. Unfortunately it was closed since it was a Sunday. Disheartened a bit, I just proceeded to Calea coffee/pastry/cake shop for a snack. This was highly recommended to me by my friends. And true enough, their cakes and pastries are oh so yummy! I can’t get enough so I took home some for my breakfast the following day :). I would say this is a nice place to rest after a tiring tour of the city or if you just want to have quiet conversations. The place is small though with just several tables so it might be hard to have a seat during peak hours.
After spending several minutes in Calea, I hailed a taxi to take me back to San Sebastian Cathedral which is near Bacolod Pension Plaza for the mass. However, the ongoing mass was in Bisaya (Bacolod’s dialect) so I checked out the schedule of the English mass before heading off to SM for some treats to bring back to Manila. They have a different structure of SM. It was just a looooong building with 2 floors. Most of the shops, however are the same as in any other SM. Merci and Bongbong’s have stalls here as well. This is where you can buy your treats already. They are also available in the airport but the big Bongbong’s shop is quite far from the airport while Merci is inside the building, just before the departure area.
As per my friend, after SM is the reclamation area. However, I was not able to visit it anymore since it was already night time.
I went back to the church just in time for the English mass. I’m glad that the church was filled with people given its size. It’s an old structure so imagine the long aisle with a lot of pews. They had TV on the sides so people who were not able to enter can still see the activities inside. I think this is a good idea so that people can still really participate in the mass rather than do other things since they don’t feel the solemnity of the mass or worse, they don’t know where they are at because of poor speaker setup. One of the things I always want to experience in a new place is their mass. I know it’s the same ritual but I love to see how people in different places behave inside the church hehehe. In here, I was able to pray solemnly and I even got to sing the songs because they were familiar.
After the mass, it was time to head back to the hotel. The church is I guess just 5 minutes away from the hotel but I took a leisurely walk going back just to savor my last night hehehe. I was also looking for a convenience store since I was craving for ice cream but unfortunately, I did not see one. The good Lord perhaps decided that the cakes were already enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. 🙂
Back at the hotel, I settled my account for my last night and requested for a service to the airport the following morning. After which, I had dinner while watching the Sunday shows on TV. It was a quiet night of TV and book reading until I went into a dreamless sleep.