It took us another hour to reach it. By that time, I was already really hungry and sleepy. Good thing we had a hearty breakfast of longganisa, dried fish and adobong gabi. Hay sarap. The adobong gabi was cooked in firewood and it reminded me of home. It was only then that I realized what the elders at home have always been saying about the difference in gas-cooked food and firewood cooked food. They say food cooked in firewood is tastier as compared to food cooked in stove but I didn’t see the difference until last weekend. And what the folks from home say is true :).
After filling our tummy, we had a tour of their farm. Leo started with his project just 6 months ago. He had several fish ponds, herbs, organic plants and lots of calamansi! Every time I recognize a plant, I remember home. 🙂
He also prepared tea for us. Lemon grass with calamansi and sugar and mint. He added hot water, waited for a few minutes and then—fresh tea! Yummy I would say.
Because of this visit, I was inspired to do the same thing at home. I should already start planting in my yard. I remember we had lemon grass before and I really liked it. I should resurrect those and try it here in Manila as well. Calamansi too! This is a must in my yard at home hihihi.
After the tour, it’s siesta time! Actually, we were just exchanging stories at first until finally each one of us was lulled to sleep by the serenity of our surroundings. I was lucky to be sleeping in a hammock. It was a short nap but it definitely re-energized me especially that I did not have any sleep the previous night.