At around 2PM, we went back to Bacolod City to meet with Fides, Weng and family for a late lunch (take note, the one we had at the farm was breakfast :p). We ate at Chicken House. Of course, it’s chicken inasal hehehe. Beside Chicken House is the Negros Showroom where you can buy souvenirs. I would say this is the best place to buy as they have more choices as compared to Bong-Bongs or Merci.
After a hearty lunch, we drove Anne to Mambukal which is their meeting place with the rest of the guys climbing Kanlaon. It’s I think almost 2 hours drive from Bacolod City. For us not climbing, we stayed there a bit for the kids and kids at heart to enjoy even the Dipping pool (hot spring). I did not bring any change of clothes so I just amused myself by watching the other people. Full of foreigners I must say, especially from other Asian countries. I think it’s also nice to stay there for overnight. When I return to Bacolod, I’ll definitely stay in Mambukal longer. This is also the jump-off of the famous 7 Falls. I’ll also visit that when I go back :).
We were back in Bacolod City at around 8 PM and went straight to Aboy’s Restaurant in Goldenfields Commercial Complex for dinner. Delisyoso! They serve mostly Filipino food. I did not notice if there are other types of food but I’m sure there is. The place is good for reception. It has a well-maintained garden that’s good for pictorial. The resto is homey, spacious and well ventilated. Weng said that it was just a small place before but they’ve expanded more than 2x its original size. Business must be good for them :). Their customer service is good even though there were a lot of people at the time we were there. It’s one of the places recommended by locals.