I was extatic when I found out that Zest Air is now flying to San Fernando. It means cutting the trip to Baguio at a shorter time. Also, they have a shuttle service going to Baguio so transfer is not a problem. I was more extatic when I received email notifications about their seat sales! However, I was always disappointed because when I try booking, I don’t get to see their promo fare. 🙁 Sad. So sad. It would have been great to go home via plane more than half of the way. Hay. Hopefully, I’m lucky next time. How elusive you are Zest Air promo!
It’s my dream to climb Kota Kinabalu even though I haven’t climbed Mt. Apo yet (highest mountain in the Philippines). My friend was convincing me to climb with her and another friend this October. I was hesitant at first due to budget constraints but finally gave in after much more convincing. However, our other friend needs to renew his passport and his schedule is still in November. Also, since our trip falls on the climbathon event in KK, the park is closed to the public. In short, we can’t climb on the dates we are there. We have no other choice but to reschedule the trip. When I checked on the rebooking fee, it was a whooping 3k each and unfortunately, no refunds either. How sad and what a way to waste funds. :p I didn’t want to give up at first so I was considering of just pushing for the trip and explore the place without climbing and just book for another trip for the purpose of climbing.  However, my mom texted me she needs funds at home. So ok, that’s my sign to let go of the Oct. airfare down the drain. :p
Few days ago, I received an email from Air Asia about their seat sale. I immediately tried to do a mock booking and I got a promo fare if I booked per guest (CK-KK @ 399 one way). The total amount is also way cheaper than the rebooking fee so I and my friend decided to just book a new one. I booked her first and I had no problems. When it was time to book myself, the ever cheap promo fare was gone. Nada. None. It was replaced with the other promo rate which is almost 4x the seat sale I was able to book for my friend. Waaaa! Huhuhu! How elusive can you get?! I just needed one more!!! Please let me in. It’s my birthday the day we depart from PH. Let that be my birthday gift. Please oh please?
I decided to just try my luck in anther promo. Crossing my fingers that I’ll be in the next time. 🙂