Guess what. I’m beginning to get addicted to…nail polishes. And take note, it’s not those nail polishes with a friendly tag price. UGH! Good luck to my wallet wahaha. It started when I came across a blog all about nail polish. I find her designs so cute and I was inspired by it. Hahaha. Damn those blogs! LOL, just kidding. I love those blogs and these are actually already added in my Google Reader subscription.

Let’s see where this will take me. Not in a negative way hopefully :D. I’m just excited to go back to doing my nails. When I was in college and during the earlier years of my working life, I’m the one doing my pedi (no funds for salon pede :p). Lately, I find myself just running to the salon when I needed one. So with this new-found interest in polishes, I’m going back to self mani/pedi and hopefully master the art of applying nail polish on my nails. Teeehee!

Errr, I don’t wanna post my stash for the past 2 days ahihi.

Warning: Don’t be surprised if later on, you’ll be seeing some posts with pictures of my polished nails on this blog. If you don’t like it, then just close your browser. Yes, that simple. :p