For almost a month now, I’ve been searching and searching and searching for my other 2 ATM cards but to no avail. I can’t find them anywhere at home. I’m not bringing those ATMS so I’m sure it’s not stolen or got lost outside. Yesterday, while I was trying to remember the last time I saw it, I recalled that I placed it in one of my wallets but then again, that wallet is missing. And months ago, that same wallet was sent to trash by none other than me (who else right?) because it’s starting to tear off. And stupid me either did not check its contents before throwing it or that I was able to get the contents but forgetful me can’t really remember where I placed it next. Darn! How stupid can I get?! Ugh!

So what do I get in return? Need to go to my bank (which by the way transferred to a new building farther to my work place last June) to file for declaration of loss. Good news is, I can get the non-personalized ATM on the same day! Bad news is, when I got there, the teller told me that I need get to have an affidavit of loss since the ATM’s content is more than a particualr amount…and that new policy was implemented just yesterday after their AM meeting. How lucky can I get? I never bothered to have my accounts blocked since I was and am very sure that those ATMs were not stolen. Besides, I can monitor those online. So ok, with a sinking feeling, I asked if I can just transfer the amount to my other account via online banking. She said yes. Unfortunately, she can’t do it for me. I wished right then and there that I brought my laptop with me :p. Since I don’t want to deal with having it signed by a lawyer (I don’t like the idea of having to pay someone big bucks just for his signature gah!), I just opted to do online banking and just go back there next week. I’m crossing my fingers for a VERY VERY smooth and hassle free transaction by next week.

I would also like to thank the teller for being so accommodating! You see, besides my ATM issue, I had other gazillion questions ehehehe.

Lastly, if you have several ATM cards that you leave at home, make sure that you know where you’ll be placing it. On second thought, maybe I’m the only one stupid whe it comes to this so just ignore this last paragraph. :p