I bought the D-Link DIR-600 router weeks ago but it was only today that I was able to set it up. How?

  • Read the manual, put on the set-up wizard CD but failed – simply because the instructions and descriptions in the wizard are different from what I have. I don’t have a DSL modem, I only have the cable connected to the Smart Bro antenna and directly connected to my laptop.
  • Searched the internet on how others did it. No exact setting as mine but maybe similar so I tried following their instructions. Still failed however at least I got some ideas already.
  • Went back to the manual straight to the Manual setup section. Bull’s eye!

What I have:

  • D-Link DIR-600 Wireless 150 router (bought it at Octagon SM Sta. Mesa last April for around Php 2, 150.00)
  • Smart Bro with a static IP (which I need to set up every time I switch between my office network and my Smart Bro)
  • I’m not sure if the Smart guy who connected my Smart Bro before configured anything else in my laptop

Here’s how I did it:

  1. Plugged in the power into the router. The Power LED indicator in the router should display a solid light (according to my manual, it’s blue but in my case, it’s yellow)
  2. Connected the Smart Bro cable to the Internet port in the router.
  3. Connected an Ethernet cable to the LAN port (I used port 1) of my router and my laptop. The D-Link router comes with an Ethernet cable and that’s what I used.
  4. Checked the LAN properties and set it to obtain an IP address automatically.
  5. Accessed (this is what’s indicated in my manual) and configured the Internet Setup and Wireless Setup. I just used the wizards available. Internet setup connection successful!

Now, I’m wireless. No more setting up of LAN properties, no more long cables connected to my laptop.

Ok, next I’m off to fixing the router in its place by the TV stand. 🙂

*Image from the DLink site.*