I’m pushing myself to complete all those government IDs. I’m bound for HK in July and I remember that I still haven’t gotten a travel clearance from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). I don’t want the nightmare of being left behind for that trip just because I was not cleared of travel out of the country. So I have to make sure this won’t happen. How? I need to research on that still. All I know is that I need a COE so I’ve already filed a request to our Site HR for that tonight.
**Background: As a DOST scholar, we were required to work in the Philippines equivalent to the number of years that we were scholars. So during those payback years, we were banned to go out of the country. If we need to for leisure or business trip, we still have to get a clearance.
Next thing I remember was that I applied for my NBI clearance ages ago but didn’t receive any copy. One time, I was given a slip of paper that they are requiring me to report to their office for interview. I’m guessing this is all about the DOST thing so I might as well settle my DOST clearance first before heading to NBI. :p
Want more? I want to have my e-passport before the HK trip! So I’m in the process of attending to that as well.
What else? Oh, there’s the TIN card, Philhealth card and SSS too. 🙂
I’ll have all of you in no time hehehe. Pramis!
Anything else I forgot? Is there an ID for Pag-ibig? That I have to check.
So now, off to researching on how to have all those. I’ll post important details if there will be any.
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