Tour – Php4,088.00
Day 1 – Php1,280.00
Day 2 – Php650.00
Day 3 – Php600.00
Total Expenses – Php6,618.00

 Some thoughts:

  • Thank God for digicams, we were able to capture a thousand pictures.
  • It’s fun to travel with friends who are photography enthusiasts hehe. SLR kung SLR.
  • Unfortunately, we were not able to visit the falls and the rock formation. Oh well, next time 🙂
  • Along the way, there are a lot of newly built houses or houses under construction. And these are big houses with complete exterior (and perhaps interior) finishing. At times I wonder how they did it. But I’ll just take it as a sign if progress for these owners due to their perseverance and hard work 🙂
  • During socials (any socials for that matter), lovelife is and will always be an interesting topic. Hopefully soon, I’ll have one interesting story of my own to share 🙂
  • There are a lot of wonderful places to see in the Philippines. Hopefully, everyone will be given the chance to explore it. 🙂
Thank you Ilocos. I had fun especially during the times that I was able to converse with locals in Ilocano hehehe. It feels closer to my home sweet home. 🙂
Thank you father God for the unending blessings. I am forever grateful.
Note: All pictures in the Ilocos posts are courtesy of Jacq and Vivi. Thanks girls! 🙂