Happy Easter! In Ilocano, naragsak a pascua ti panagungar.
Our pitstops:
St. William Cathedral and Sinking Tower
After a quick breakfast at Eagle’s nest, we hailed a tricycle to take us to St. William cathedral where we attended the Easter mass. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any idea on the schedule so we arrived late for the 7:30 mass. Also, the mass was in Ilocano so it was more challenging for our non-Ilocano friends and to me as well since I was not used to it. It was more than a decade since the last time i heard mass in Ilocano so errr I forgot the responses ahihi.

The sinking tower is also at the same area where the cathedral is so we had photo ops session after the mass hehe.

Heritage Village
At around 9:30 AM, we checked out at the hotel and started the trip back to Ilocos sur. We arrived at the village at around 11 AM so we had at least 1.5 hours to tour around, have lunch and buy pasalubong. We agreed to just have our lunch first at the Vigan Hotel. When we were about to go out of the hotel, we saw Jomari at the lobby so we had our pictures taken wahaha.
After lunch, we bought some pasalubong. I only bought chichacorn for the office and tsokolate de vigan for me hehehe. Unfortunately, empanada is only available by mid-afternoon so no empanada for us. I thought of buying bagnet for home but it might already be spoiled by the time I go home to Baguio. Besides, I think some are already selling it in town.

The heritage village is just a small area. We actually just walked one street and had photo ops session to our heart’s content on all nice spots.
At around 1:45 PM, we started our trip back to Manila.

Breakfast – 100
Lunch – 230

As of this writing, it’s already 3:13 PM and we are already at Sta. Cruz, Ilocos Sur.