At around 6 AM, we were already at Bantay Bell Tower in Vigan. After stretching and a few minutes of picture taking, we were called to proceed to Cafe Uno where we had a sumptuous breakfast.

After breakfast, we went back to the bell tower but there were already a lot of people so the driver suggested that we just visit it the third day.
Our pitstops:

Marcos Museum
Cameras are not allowed inside. This is where a replica of Marcos (made of wax) was laid for viewing. It’s still a little eerie to me even though I know it’s not his actual body. Another building contains the photo gallery where we saw the different faces of Macros and his family through the years. Imelda is a real beauty. No wonder Marcos was smitten by her.
Herencia Cafe
This is where we had lunch. We tried their famous Pinakbet pizza, together with tuna pizza. I loved it. Nice innovation to make a famous Ilocano dish to a pizza. Also, their mango shake is made of ripe sweet mango. Two thumbs up for that. It takes a while for the pizza to be cooked though, especially so that we were there during lunchtime where there are a lot of people. It’s still worth the wait.
Paoay Church
This must be one of the old structures that still have its own beauty and charm.
La Paz Sand Dunes
A patch of desert in the Philippines. According to our driver this is also a famous location for shooting of movies and TV series.
Malacanang of the North (Malacaniang ti Amianan)
As per history, this is strategically located because beside it is the sea where it can be an escape route when Marcos was ousted. The building is maintained, and it’s a good place for photo ops hehehe.
Java Hotel
Malacanang of the North is our last stop before proceeding to our hotel. It’s located a few minutes away from town so there’s green scenery all around. Service is ok as well. Their extra bed is literally a bed, not just foam placed on the floor. We had dinner at the hotel’s bar and restaurant as their food are reasonably priced. While eating, we were serenaded by a singing group. Nice.
They also offer room service massage which we availed.

Expenses (Php):

Breakfast – 100

Hat – 100
Lunch – 200
Dinner – 280
Massage – 600