I went home last weekend for my dad’s birthday last March 20. We had a celebration last March 21 though. It’s a celebration for several reasons: Dad’s birthday, Kuya’s birthday, my birthday, Velmarie’s graduation, Riemarie Joyce’s christening (where I was once again a godparent). It was a happy, at the same time tiring day last Sunday. Relatives from both sides were present. 🙂
Yesterday, I took a leave from work. Did some bank errands and went out with Anne for lunch and foot spa (her treat :)). I also did a little shopping while waiting for Jen as we were meeting for dinner this time. However, we were both not very hungry so we ended up at Starbucks for some frap and dessert. Before I knew it, my day has already ended.
Today, CJ (who’s celebrating her birthday on the 27th) and I chipped in to prepare lunch for the team. And surprise of all surprises, they bought cake and ice cream for us. I was so touched I almost cried hehehe. Yes, I’m emotional lately ahihi. I also prepared strawberries with milk and cream for them. It’s what they always look forward to every time I go home to Baguio.
And I received gifts too! Yippee! 😀
There. Thank you Lord for the gift of life. 🙂