I am so glad that I was able to take a break from work this year. Now, I am at home since December 23. I went home with only the following on my list: meet with Jen and visit Riza, movie date with the kids, gimik with teenager cousins, weed the flowers and have some rest. Now, my social calendar is almost full. Errr…Lookie…
  • December 24: store keeper while Mama went to town for groceries. Went to town in late afternoon to do some personal shopping 🙂
  • December 25: simple salo-salo at home with some relatives. Baby sat my new niece as well for most of the day 🙂
  • December 26-27: attend a reunion (mother’s side). Do some home supplies shopping before heading back home.
  • December 28 AM: movie date with nieces and nephews
  • December 28 PM: gimik with teenager cousins
  • January 1: Lunch with relatives at home. As always :p
  • January 2: Go back to Manila
  • January 3: Chill…get ready for the first workday of the year! How about a short run at UP D? Hmm…we’ll see about that :p
Have yet to schedule:

  • Visit Riza
  • Tutor Aiza
  • Weed the flowers
  • Load more MP3s in my Ipod
  • Sleep????
What I love about being home is that the time is oh so very slow. 🙂 I feel I can do a lot of things the whole day. Just today, I was able to wash some clothes and fix my things after my cousins left. And then of course the whether. 🙂
The downside? There’s no fast internet connection. I’m only using Smart Bro prepaid. The speed is that of a dial up connection. So no YouTube for now. Also, we’ve got poor signal for ABS-CBN. Can’t watch PBB huhuhu. Miss ko na Melason moments :(. I miss my big TV and its clear TV signal :p. Oh well, I know I can’t have it all. Of course I’m more glad to be at home. 😀
Again, happy birthday bro! 🙂