Fourth year high school was one of the times where I had to do a major decision – select a course. I initially wanted to be an environmental scientist but one of my teachers negated because I am a girl daw. Another choice was to take up Agricultural Engineering since my family’s main and only source of income is farming and through that course, I maybe able to learn new techniques in farming. But then again, I wanted something different, totally new from what I was doing all my life so that my knowledge won’t be all about agriculture. And so to satisfy this longing, I chose Computer Science since I knew then that after graduation, there’s no other option for me but to plunge into the corporate world.
So yes, after graduation, I became a slave of the corporate world. But no, I did not forget my old life. During the first few years, I still worked in the farm whenever I was home. I felt the balance then.
But eventually, I was not doing anything farming related anymore. There were a lot of times where I would go home without even stepping into the farm. I became wrapped up with all the stuff that the corporate world has to offer. I became busy climbing up the ladder. It became more stressful. Several times, I came to a point where I find myself missing the farm. And lately, the desire to re-experience my life at the farm became stronger. So I’ve decided to do some farming. My brother and I will start planning when I go home for the holidays. I’m excited. 😀