It’s been more than a month now since I have been looking for a TV rack. The old TV rack said goodbye a few days after Typhoon Ondoy when it was subjected to flood water. I’ve searched for different malls several times to no avail. It’s either the racks that I see are too big for my little space or not my color preference. I saw one that can pass at Puregold E. Rodriguez but I did not like it very much so I did not buy it yet. When I went there last weekend, I saw another model but it was already the last piece and it has scratches so it was a no no for me. I was informed though that stocks are coming last Thursday so I opted to just wait a little longer.
So this evening, I paid a visit to Puregold again hoping that this time, I’ll be able to buy one already. It must be my lucky day since they have the model I like but it was already the last piece. Gah! However, it’s still in excellent condition so I bought it right away. It’s for delivery on Monday. Hopefully, I won’t have problems with that. So there, new rack for my newly cable connected TV hehehe.
Patience is really a virtue. 🙂

Btw, Puregold was also on sale so I bought a set of curtains and some pillow cases. Blue this time hehehe. I was torn whether to buy a Christmas themed throw pillow cover or not. The “tipid mode” me is telling me not to because I’ll only be using it during December but the “gastador” me is pushing me to buy. End result? I did not buy hehehe. I need to think about it further.