It’s 40 days ‘til Christmas. Have you started with your shopping yet?
I was able to buy for one godson last weekend hehehe. So yes, I’ve already started it and I want to complete it by the end of this month, hopefully. I already have my list of people to give gifts to. I just need to identify what gifts to give them. This is actually mostly for officemates and godchildren. I have allotted a budget for each one. For the item I bought last week, it was actually over my budget but I allotted an extra moolah so it went there already. Therefore, I have to stick to it or if possible lower, for the other gift items. I actually need to ship 1 gift pa so sticking to the budget is really a must. I’m looking forward to all that shopping though hehehe.
For immediate and extended family, I’m giving them money. It’s not because I don’t want to make an effort but it’s what’s more practical for my family actually.
Right now, I’m contemplating whether to buy myself a bed in Baguio or not. My brother and sisters ditched my old, dilapidated, home-made bed months ago (or was that even last year?) and I have been sleeping on the floor with just the mattress since then. But then again, I don’t have the budget for it yet. Olats. But we’ll see.
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