I dropped by the supermarket last Saturday for some stuff and I was surprised by the prices of vegetables. Cabbage alone was at around Php150/kilo. Gah! Tsk tsk. Prices had as high as 300% increase when Typhoon Pepeng hit Northern Luzon thereby Baguio and Benguet (where the main sources of vegetables are) became isolated because all major roads going to the place were closed. But maybe, even now that major roads are already open, vegetables are still quite expensive due to scarcity as most, if not all plants were damaged during the typhoon. So, there goes my craving for green leafy vegetables. I miss home and sayote.
I believe the government issued a prize freeze a few weeks ago so that business establishments won’t take advantage of the situation and implement unreasonable increase in their goods. But even though, it was on the news tonight that pork and chicken prices have increased. I hope the government does something about it and I hope the businessmen won’t abuse as well. I understand their need as they also need to make sure that they don’t incur loss otherwise they’ll go bankcrupt but I hope they don’t exaggerate it.