I went home last weekend as it is a long weekend and a holiday as well. It’s All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day. This is one holiday where my family usually prepares to remember our departed family members. Sometimes, it’s just us, the immediate family and our neighbor. But most of the times, relatives (especially from my mom’s side) opt to just come to our home for the event. So last week, I wasn’t surprised when an uncle texted me asking me where I’ll be on Nov. 1. When I said I was going home, he told me that they’ll be coming to our home that day so we’ll just see each other then.
When I got home last Sat., my brother was busy preparing and I can’t force him to accompany my mom for the grocery. My sister who was supposed to accompany her was not available all of a sudden. Left with no choice, I volunteered so an hour after I arrived, we went to town again, with me almost without sleep and straight from my trip. I realized I was dead tired and hungry when we were already at ths supermarket I can barely push the cart haha. Most of the time, I just stayed in the aisle and wait for my mom to just drop the stuff there hehehe. I asked her to make it a little faster so that we can grab some brunch, which she did. After that, we went to one of the restos to grab a bite. I ordered coffee first and that did the trick. I was revived hehehe. We finished everything in 4 hours. We had to wait for my uncle who will be servicing the groceries home though as we texted him late.
On Nov. 1, it was only when I realized most of my uncles and aunts and their families came. Usually, the lighting of the candle and of course, the prayers – both Catholic and traditional way are solemn. Other than that, everyone’s making a happy noise hehehe. My cousins are all grown up now and can already relate to the older ones. I even saw one of my cousins took a shot of vodka wahaha. I don’t know if it’s legal though. And he’s studying in SLU – my alma mater, taking up BS IT, just like my course. Would it be that I have influenced him? I’m not sure.
My teenager cousins were asking me for a treat (aka gimik) that day but I did not feel like going out and besides, I didn’t have the budget so I just promised them a treat in December. Another bonding moment for us. It will be a dent on my wallet though hehehe. But then again, I’m happy and so are they so it’s ok. 🙂