Last Friday, I received an email from a friend about Cebu Pacific’s domestic and international seat sale. She was also asking me if I wanted to join them in their Japan trip. Because the fare is so cheap (only Php 1651 round trip), I said yes right away :D.
While waiting for news for my friend, I also tried booking for other destinations. When I checked on HK, it’s less than Php 1300 for a round trip ticket. I immediately texted another set of my friends to ask if they’re interested. Ayun, pumayag sila :D. So I started booking hahhaha. Bahala na kung alin sa 2 ang matuloy. The website was really slow. I guess a lot were trying their luck hehehe. As for me, I only have 30 minutes to do that since by hook or by crook, I need to leave at 12MN for my 1 AM trip to Baguio. So I tried and waited and waited. I encountered errors along the way so I had to restart several times. On my Nth attempt, it went through until payment section. But on the confirmation page, I got an error message. Damn! I can’t repeat it anymore since I might double my booking. And then before I can do that, I have to check with my credit card company if I was charged for the previous one. So there, I immediately accepted that it was not meant to be hay. Haha.
Before finally shutting down, I gave a final check to all of my emails. And what do I get?! A confirmation from Cebu Pacific! Woohooo! Apparently, my booking went through after all ahihi.
Now, we need to work on our IT. And I need to do a lot of saving up because I want to do some shopping there :D. Good luck to my wallet :D.
And oh, btw, my friend’s friend wasn’t able to book for Japan. We’ll see about that in the next promos though hehe.