The project that we’ve been working on for more than a year now was put on hold due to the probable changes for the company by the end of this year (which by the way excited us when we first learned about it :)). This is the very project which caused too much stress to the team members. Stress level was high that it drove some people to submit resignations. And almost everything and anything related to it was oh so full of drama.

You see, prior to the announcement which we did last Friday (just a day after confirming the changes from the business owners), the management team met to discuss what will be the possible impact of the changes. We have anticipated negative reactions which will be normal given all that went through with this project. But we were also hoping for open-mindedness from the team as this is something that we never saw happening. But during this time, I did not get any reactions from my team. I thought perhaps they are still in the process of internalizing what was just announced or maybe they are too shy to ask the director directly. Yes, we asked for his help for this as well hehehe.

So last Tuesday, I met with my project team to really know how they are feeling about the changes. And I was in for a lot of surprises more than what I expected.

Here are some of the feedbacks:

  • It’s sad because I feel that our efforts are just wasted but the director is right that we gained a lot of knowledge during the duration of the project, not only in terms of our skills but also on handling situations involving the project. I just want to know what’s next for us.
  • I feel bad about it because of all the efforts already exerted will be wasted but more than that, I feel relieved.
  • I actually did not feel anything. My concern now is what we are going to do now that the project is on hold.

I was blown hehehe. I did expect about them being sad and all but to hear them that what’s concerning them more actually are their next assignments really PLEASANTLY surprised me :). I felt their maturity about the whole thing and they are more on the positive side! Note that these same people have been part of the rollercoaster ride for this project so to hear them say those things was happiness for me.

I am one proud and grateful boss :D.