I had the longest employee evaluation last night. It lasted for almost 6 hours. It was a very tiring and draining experience. But I’d like to give myself a pat in the back because I was able to easily switch roles during that time – from being the strict manager to someone who is empathizing with him to an outsider observing the exchange between the officer and the employee and trying to comprehend everything and quickly thinking on how to handle it. The greatest thing though was that, I kept my cool…and that’s an accomplishment in itself because I’m not known to be very patient when it comes to discussions that go around circles. :p
But then again, I’m not yet done with that. There’s today to tackle still, which I don’t have any idea until this moment how I’m going to hanle it. Perhaps, it will all dawn on me, after I have my hearty lunch. 😀
And in the middle of the interesting discussions last night, I learned that I have to attend a meeting at 10AM today. Good luck. Right at this moment, I feel lightheaded due to lack of sleep. I may be a Dory for most of the day hihihi.