• Coron IT
  • Accomodation arrangement for the 18th (for the rest of the trip, it’s care of our other companions)
  • Email Coron contact for flight details

Things to do:

  • List of things to bring
  • Buy personal stuff
  • Pack this weekend
  • Charge camera battery
  • Delete pictures in memory stick
  • Arrange for Culion tour upon arrival

Still needs to decide on:

  • To bring or not to bring laptop? Hmmm…
  • To buy or not to buy a snorkeling set? Another hmmm…this is so expensive 🙁

Prayer for the trip:

Lord, please have the weather cooperate during our travel. I don’t wanna play with the strong, scary waves ahihi. And also, please make Wednesday a Special Non-Working Holiday for QC :). Tenchu!

Few more days to go! I’m traveling with D (Deuter backpack) this time hihihi. I’m giving C (Conquer) a rest for the meantime as it has conquered mountains last year already.