I just finished watching that movie in a local channel and it made me shed some tears :p. It’s a story about a boy who wanted so much to play baseball but his dad’s work required them to transfer from place to place until eventually, they settled in Texas where baseball was not known. Some years later, when he already had a family and is teaching high school, an opportunity came for him to play baseball. He joined the try out and eventually was able to become part of the league. It is a feel good movie.

It also made me realize that your dreams stay with you forever even if you set it aside for other priorities or maybe because the situation calls for it. But someday, you may be given opportunities where you can pursue it finally. And you only have two options, whether to go for it this time or let the opportunity pass and wonder about all the “what ifs”.

Lastly, I pray that I would be able to support all my future kids’ dreams. 🙂