No, it’s not about PBB. It’s just that Friday night was a big night for the triumvirate of the team. It was just supposed to be just a sumptuous dinner and chilling with the team but apparently, it was not. I don’t want to elaborate further. Suffice to say that the event sucked all of our energy and left us with negative and ill feelings after. As a result, I temporarily disconnected myself from the rest of the world this weekend – personal and office phones remain untouched and away from me, on silent mode, except when I had to text a colleague and a friend, minimal internet, no meet ups with friends. I just had a quick visit to the mall and for the rest of the weekend, I was a bum at home.

But much as I’d like to be on hiatus a little longer, I can’t. Anyway, I have a few more hours. I’ll reconnect full time later.

Now, I’m wondering what happens this morning. But still, I’m hoping for the best, and for world peace hehehe.

On a positive note, once again, I’ve proven that our director is supportive of us :).