We have a project that’s supposed to be implemented in the next few weeks. But due to its complexity and the many prepartions that the concerned teams (including ours) need to do before implementation, the project team set up a criteria for us to help evaluate if it’s a Go or No Go with the deployment. Of course I’ve always wanted it to be a Go.

Today is the review of those criteria…today is the Go or No Go day. So the project team met up to review the criteria and see if everything has been met, or if not, will these items still be addressed before implementation? After a tiring but fulfilling discussion, it’s 80% Go! And the 20% is for the confirmation of some items which the two teams still need to resolve. Yey!

It was a buzzer beater again for our team for the sign off of the modules that are included in the Go No Go decision. Last night, we have one item for confirmation from the client, and this morning, they raised another issue which we had to address as quickly as possible. I endorsed it right away to the Engineer in charge and had to rush to the meeting. When I was in OSMA, I learned from Gelo that the client is already signing off so we excitedly waited for the email confirmation. Whew! Now, everything’s a yes for our team’s criteria hehehe.

There were three directors in today’s meeting and it’s funny to see them make fun of each other hehehe. But when it comes to the discussions, they are quick to make comments, verify things or make decisions right then and there. Maybe that’s one of the things that make them directors. Having meetings with them is a good way of observing how directors think.

After evaluation of criteria of the two teams, it seems that the project team is already on a positive note so we did not have to present our team’s criteria anymore. We only had to present the business continuity plan. I was shocked and my sleepiness flew out of me when Gelo told me it was my turn to speak. Ugh! I knew I was going to present, but still I almost freaked out hahaha. We’ll convene again Tuesday next week for the final assessment. 🙂

Anyway, so there! We are good to go. Thanks team for all the hard work. We are now towards the end. Let’s enjoy the last leg of the journey! I know it was a rough start and journey for all of us but we’re still here standing…emerging victorious in this challenge! 🙂 Tara nang magdeploy! 🙂

And so, hello long weekend of sleep and vanity hehehe!


Dress code of the day: anything green! But one director came in pink-almost red blouse, and she was the reason for the 20%…hehehe.