I passed by BDO this morning to deposit a check but iunfortunately I wasn’t able to complete the transaction for the sole reason that they can’t get my account number from their database. I was told that I can only get my account number from my branch of account. I argued that one teller from the Broadway branch was able to give it to me after providing her with my EPCI account number. The teller informed me that they have a new system implemented where they are restricted to check accounts from other branches. They’re not centralized anymore. Ok fine! Just to be sure I verified that if I already have my account number with me, can I still deposit the check in that branch? She said yes. If so, how are they going to validate the correctness of the account number that I’ll be placing in the deposit slip then? Duh! Nuninuninu. The analyst in me is still in slumber that’s why I was not quick enough to bombard the teller with questions hehe. But what’s with my account number anyway? I simply forgot to write it down hehe. I’m used to having trnasactions online that I didn’t bother to memorize it ahihi. But now I’m definitely writing it down wehehe.

While waiting in line for my turn, I saw their announcement about the new interest rates for Peso Savings Account effective April 1, 2009. It’s now 0.625 % per annum. Yep, that low. And their motto is “We find ways.”. They find ways to make interests lower? Hehehe. Dyok onli!