Yes, it went as planned last May 15-16, 2009, held at Noah’s Park, Montalban Rizal.

So what was in store for us?
  • Side trip in one of the markets in Rizal to buy ice.
  • Passed by Gelo’s home to get the rice.
  • Rough road for the last 2 KMs going to the place.
  • Lots of food food food, most of it prepared by CJ and family. Thanks CJ. As always, YUMMY!
  • Ihaw, ihaw, and more ihaw – hotdogs, bbq, bangus, tilapia. It took us hours to cook everything hehehe. One icebox was filled with just ihaw. I helped a bit in the ihaw. It was so hot. But then again, we use firewood in Baguio so I’m used to it-no big deal.
  • Rewards and recognition for Q1 projects. Impromptu for all of my lines. I didn’t know it would be that way hehehe.
  • Games-garden maze and putok balloon using airsoft gun.
  • Was not in any of the games. Was on the phone addressing an issue. Yes, we got the call from Server team before the program proper. I was only done long after the finished the games. Amp. But it was resolved so I’m glad.
  • Videoke videoke videoke! Emie and I sang to our heart’s content up until 7 AM wahahaha. Adik! Bitin pa yan sa lagay na yan. If I was not sleepy, and if it was not for the hot rays of the morning sun, I would have wanted to sing some more hihihi.
  • Swimming! We tried all of the pools I think. I didn’t try the slides though. :p
  • Take home food hehehe. We weren’t able to consume all our baon. Sa dami ba naman non hehe.
  • Of course, jump shots (emphasis on the S) in midday. Whew! So hot!
  • Back in Manila by Saturday, 3PM.

So there. I think everybody enjoyed naman. ‘Til our next chillax days.