On Sunday, off we went to Kwebang Lampas in Quezon. It was an activitiy initiated by Anne.
Participants are some of her friends and mostly from Choral and Outdoor (clubs in the office).
The place:
  • Isolated so it was a perfect weekend getaway. You need to walk for about 30 minutes before you get to the beach. The trail at that time was muddy. At one point, we had to remove our slippers because it was really slippery.
  • There were only a few people that day so it was not crowded.
  • There’s a cave in the area. Chorale rehersed inside the cave. Trip lang nila hehehe.
  • There’s also a cliff where some enjoyed diving. For others, it was the time where they were able to conquer their fears and realize their dreams-that is to jump from cliff and dive into the water.
  • There’s a CR in the area but no shower room. You can take your shower in the place where you start your trek. I was not able to get the name of the family who lives there.
  • You can also rent a boat going to the beach if you don’t want to walk.
I was quiet most of time-due to lack of sleep hehehe. I was just contented watching the others’ antics and laughing with them. And no, I still did not conquer my fear of the deep waters, and I think I never will wehehe.
Was back in Manila around 1AM. Tiring but fulfilling.