We are hoping to complete one activity of our current project so we pushed for its completion on our end on Friday night (and working until the wee hours of Saturday). So that on Saturday, it was the vendor’s turn to work. We sent them 6 files which they are supposed to load in their test environment. At around 10 AM, we started receiving emails from them updating us of the status of their activities. They loaded the first 3 files without any problems. They will be updating us of the status of the next 3 files. The suspense is killing me. Ugggh! Their next update was that they have successfully uploaded the 4th and 5th file and they are currently uploading the 6th and last file. Hayzzz. Why did they have to update us by batch? Hehehe. Why don’t they just do all the uploading and tell us the good news that it was all uploaded successfully. Anyway, at this point, I was fervently praying and hoping that there won’t be any glitches anymore. Finally at around 3 PM, we received the good news hehehe. Though it was mortal sin to talk about work since I was at Emie’s birthday party, I can’t help but share the good news to them as well hehehe.


The story didn’t end there. After the test environment, they were supposed to upload the files to their production environment and there are some configurations that need to be changed in the files. The vendor manually changed it but upon loading the 6th file, it was not uploaded successfully. Gah! I had to recreate the files using the correct parameters for production this time. I am getting pissed off because I haven’t eaten anything yet and it’s already 4PM hehehe. Plus, I’m always disconnected from the net. Plus I’m already itching to go to the mall hehehe. I almost run to the office for a more stable connection but good thing my last attempt did not fail me hehehe. Maybe, it sensed that I’m getting annoyed by the minute hehehe. So anyway, we haven’t heard from them after I emailed them the file. On Monday morning, we received the good news that the file was successfully loaded. Whew! What a wait! 😀