I was in the middle of checking on the feasibility of implementing an HR business rule in the HRIS system by creating an SQL job when my colleague remembered some items mentioned by the business owner.
Colleague: Check when the IL was filed. If filed before March 15, then….
Me: (Cutting off my colleague hehehe) Me ganun?! Hahaha.
Colleague: Oo me ganun talaga hahaha.
We wer laughing at the way he constructed his business rules because it’s already close to the pseudocode of a software code hehehe. Maybe, for the longest time that they’ve been requesting systems from us and from the countless meetings with them where sometimes we have to use technical terms (especially during those times when we, Software Engineers, were not yet experts in translating technical code to layman’s terms hehehe), they got to pick some of our software language already. Cool. At least now that they understand some terms, it won’t be hard for us to be translating everytime hehehe.