I admit that though I am Baguio born, I haven’t really gotten around to exploring the city like tourists do hehe. I don’t know. Maybe because since it’s my hometown, it’s weird going around it. But then I realized that as a native, I should at least be familiar with what the city can offer to its visitors. It is for this reason that 2 weeks ago, I decided to visit the usual tourist destinations in town. It is educational to my nieces and nephews as it is to me hehe. And yes, during the ‘field trip’, it doesn’t feel weird after all to be tourists in your own place hehe. At least now, I can say that I’ve been to the places where most of my friends and acquaintances go whenever they are in Baguio hehe. Now, whenever I’m home, I’ll make it a point to visit at least 1 place hehe.

It also helps when friends come to visit because when they request for meet ups and gimik, they would surely be interested in the places to see and restos to dine and they already have a list of what to check out. It’s hitting 2 birds with one stone. You get to accompany them and also you are able to try out the place yourself. 🙂

Maybe the only thing I won’t be of help at all would be on accomodations. I don’t know anyone who has that business. I didn’t have any need in the past to stay in a transient room or a hotel either. Though our home is far from the city and transportation especially at night can be a problem, I have other options like going home to my relative’s homes hehe. Besides, trying out those hotels or transient rooms can be expensive. And of course, why torture myself staying in such places when I can be in the comforts of our shabby mansion. 😀