I met with Eden and her hubby for gimik tonight before igoing back to Manila. Their choice of place is at Cafe by the Ruins. I said yes right away since I haven’t been to that place although I read that it’s a must see in Baguio.

Based on my readings, part of the place is a wall of one of the governor’s mansion. Itwas converted into a cafe where artists can meet and showcase their artworks. Some are for sale, others are just for display.

Though it is located just beside a main street where vehicles frequently pass by, once you enter the place, it’s as if you’re transported to a different world. The place is made up of bamboo, sticks (yes, those that we use in the garden as support for the beans and the sweet peas hehe) and the roof is made of cogon grass. Their tables and chairs are made of pinewood and bamboo as well. The ambiance is artistic and laidback. People there were just as quiet, simply enjoying the tranquility of the place. I think we were the only ones who were a bit noisy hehe.

We did not enjoy our orders though hehehe. But then again, we were there for coffee and desert only. Eden’s hubby ordered the civet cat coffee but to him, it tasted like Nescafe (3-in-1 or 5-in-1? Hehehe). Eden had the dark chocolate something but I don’t understand how it should be consumed. It’s listed together with the other drinks so I’ assuming it is for drinking but it has a thick consistency so I’m not sure hehe. Onei had the sorbet something in strawberry. I think he liked it. He said it’s made of pure strawberries. I had fruit tassi (mango) and I like it. I did not taste the yogurt though. According to the menu, it’s yogurt but it’ just like a smoothie. I also had the foca cheese samdwich. I didn’t like it that much because it was too oily for my taste and the only thing I can recognize of the filling is the egg. I don’t know the other ingridients, if there are any. So there. But I think their main dishes are worth trying. We keep on looking at the dishes served in other tables and they look yummy enough. So I’m not closing my doors. I still want to go back to try their other dishes.

Address is 23 Chuntug St. Baguio City. The place is just below the city hall, and it’s also near the La Trinidad jeepney terminal (just a few steps). The entrance is along the street as well. When you see an area fenced by sticks, that’s already part of it. There’s a signage, though it’ quite small. They have a small parking which I think can only accomodate around 6 cars. It’s near Rizal Park though so that’s another option on where to park.