My elementary friend, Mary Ann, tied the knot yesterday. Wuhoo! Congratulations! It was a garden wedding with Pentecost rites (I think). It was a little different from a Catholic wedding rite but most of the components are there like the entourage is the same. They also have the candle, veil, and cord. I think the only difference is the sequence of the ceremony. It was unusual for some people here (since they are used to having the ceremony in churches) but I think it was also an experience for them to experience a garden wedding.

Though Mary Ann’s hubby and family are already Christians, I’m glad that they still allowed the Igorot dances to be part of the program. I danced! Weee! And I realized that I missed dancing our cultural dances! (When I was in elementary, part of our school’s curriculum was for us to be aware and be proud of our cultural heritage so I was exposed to it. Plus the fact that some of our relatives still practice these traditions so these traditions has become part of me.)

I don’t know how it happened but we did not get to the part of the program where the bride throws the boquet. I think people started leaving earlier. So that when I and Jen were saying our goodbyes to her, Mary Ann handed me the boquet wahahaha! Sabi ko si Jen muna kasi sya na yung susunod sa aming 3 (sya kasi yung susunod na pinakabunso sa aming 3, next to Mary Ann hehehe). Pero katwiran ni Mary Ann, meron na raw boquet si Jen (abay kasi sya) kaya sa akin talaga nya ibibigay yun. O sya sige. So I’m next?! Weee! Good luck sa inyo hahaha. Maghihintay kayo ng matagal kasi wala pa akong groom :p. Kaya Jen, una ka na kasi talaga. 😀

Again, congratulations and best wishes Mr. and Mrs. Bebet! God bless you both. Proyd, take care of my friend/sister.